It is really difficult to decide where to begin.  When I start to think about sharing my story, my experience, and my knowledge, I begin to spiral. When you think of narcissistic abuse, you might feel that way too.

Unravelling yourself from the entanglement of a narcissistic relationship is a very long, slow, and difficult process. This relationship can come in many forms and each can be hard to break for many reasons.

The narcissist in your life might be a friend, parent or other relative, partner, co-worker or boss. We can become entangled with these people anywhere. Often, if you are drawn to narcissists, you will be entangled with them everywhere. Once you are able identify the patterns, you can then begin to break the cycle. Being caught in an abuse relationship with a narcissist is unlike anything else. The trauma wounds, damage, and impact on all aspects of your life is difficult to overcome. But you can and you will – and I will help you.

This is our journey. Here we will explore #narcissism and you will find answers about #narcissisticabuse #healing #sociopaths #trauma #recovery and #breakingthecycle


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